The Organic Growing Center

The Organic Growing Center seeks to expose individuals, to a holistic organic environment, where they will experience the sacred relationship between us and the soil. How that relationship effects our environment and our planet Earth is part or our responsibility. Growing our own food gives us a chance to make an impact on our health, our community and our planet Earth.

The mission of the OGC is to provide training in Bio Organic Agriculture, and offer an alternative to the Earth challenging threats of Global Warming, Soil Erosion Malnutrition and Hunger.

Our aim is to empower individuals with the ability to grow their own food. Food that is healthy, safe and nutritious. We teach a wide range of innovative Bio Organic Agricultural techniques, which promote sustainability. Our methods focus on soil fertility, nutrition, and high yields. Our instructors have created these techniques to enhance the skills of individuals at all levels of growth and development. Our courses are based on certified organic production practices that meet or exceed IFORM certification standards.